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Sound and Vibration Measurement
Precision sound level meter is not only a general sound level meter for measuring exponential time meter weight, but also suitable for all kinds of industrial environmental noise measurement and environmental noise survey measurement. Sound level measurement for environmental, mechanical, traffic, Marine and other noise; Applicable to industrial environmental protection, construction, health, teaching and research departments.
Hand-held torsion meter
Digital display hand-held torque meter is a small, simple, multifunctional and high-precision torque meter test instrument, widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, building hardware, light textile, auto parts, cigarette lighters and other ignition devices, fire equipment, pen making, lock making, fishing tackle, chemical industry, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries of torque load, test.

GUANGDONG DUBAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a collection of scientific research, development, production and sales, foreign trade and service as one of the operating institutions.

The main products are: sound level meter, vibration meter,

digital shore rubber hardness tester, coating thickness meter, ultrasonic thickness meter, tachometer, moisture meter and so on.

All along, with the strong support from all walks of life and the joint efforts of all employees, the company

continues to develop and occupy a certain position in theinstrumentation industry. Enterprise up and down this standing"qualityfirst,household first"

Quality control policy and business purpose of consumer responsibility. Always take the route of specialization, standardization and

modernization. The companystrictly implements ISO9001 standard and 5 management system,

Continue to strengthen the quality control of products, so that consumers buy at ease, happy to use.

The company has built an assembly line that can meet a certain capacity, and has been equipped with relevant

experimental testing equipment for the development of new engineering products, and its series of products have been praised.

The products are exported to all countries in the world. guangdong

Duban TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. is based on science and technology, respect talent, reuse talent, give full play to the

advantages of talent, now has a group of experienced scientific and technological personnel, management personnel.

With the strength of technology development, product production, operation and management, in accordance with the law of

market economy, pay attention to the premise of new product development and market development

Attach importance to modern enterprise management, so that the company's prospects are thriving.

Looking forward to the future, in the new century, facing new opportunities and new challenges, the company will take today

as a new starting point, on the one hand, deepen the understanding of the market, keep up with the international market trend

Flow makes the product constantly new. On the other hand, strengthen the development and research of high and new technology, improve

the enterprise management mechanism, in order to make the product excellence. In the future, Guangdong

Duban Technology Co., Ltd. will keep up with the pace of The Times, keep pace with The Times, and continue to develop,

with technical advantages, management experience and after-sales service based on instrument industry.

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